Silver Kia Lap Puppy
Cimarron Silver
Bella is one of our silver females.  She loves being in the water, and she is an excellent swimmer and retriever.  Bella has just the right build.  She is very smart and loves to please.  She has energy to run all day.

bella snow
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DNA Profile:  EEbbdd
Kia is our charcoal female.  She has the build of a show Lab.  She is very easy going, and has a protective instinct.  Kia is very laid back for a Labrador.  She is happiest just laying at your feet, but get a ball, and she'll play all day.
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DNA Profile:  EeBbdd
Brinkley is the newest addition to our family.  She is a beautiful silver female.  She has a very calm demeanor and never leaves our side.  Brinkley's eagerness to learn has made training very easy. 
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DNA Profile:  Coming Soon